Winged Foot (West)

Winged Foot Golf Club is one serious golf club. Located in Mamaroneck, New York, it is known as being the only club to have both of its courses (East and West) listed in the Top 100. There have been five US Opens contested over the West Course and the PGA Championship has been held here once. The trees down the left hand side of the 18th hole were the scene of the infamous Phil Mickleson meltdown during the 72nd hole of the 2006 US Open.

Designed by AW Tillinghast, the West Course course opened in 1921. It is a very difficult course that never fails to make even the best golfers struggle. You have to stay focused throughout this 6956-yard course as you need to hit long and precise shots all the time. The bunkers are very deep while the greens are small.

The golf course has two short holes (the 6th and the 11th holes) that act as a breather in the long and grueling course. Many golfers complain the fact that the West Course just has too many trees. The management has already been told about this minor problem by authorities in order to make the golf course less difficult and more playable. Currently, there are over a thousand trees on the West Course.