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golf-courses-by-regionsMany people are planning their vacations to destinations that cater to the needs of the serious golfer, as well as the novice one. Many of the world’s most popular golf courses are found in places where the weather accommodates outdoor activities for most times of the year. These golf courses aim at providing golf enthusiasts an amazing vacation experience.

Most golf resorts include hotels that feature nice amenities like day spas, fine dining, and swimming pools. Most of those that do not house a golf course offer free travel to and from golf courses in the surrounding area. You can purchase special golf packages at many of these golf resorts. This normally includes green fees, room, and dining packages.

My Golf Courses is here to provide you with the latest information about golf courses in the United States, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, England, South Africa, and other parts of the world. Each of the golf courses in each country has its own unique features and services that may sell to you.

But what should you consider when choosing a golf course? The most important factors to remember are location, cost, the course’s normal condition, amenities, facilities, and service. Many people do not only look for a place to be enjoyed again and again, but also a golf course to be proud of.

Traveling to a golf course can take much of your time –  some takes about five hours just to get to even the nearest course. So players may want to limit their travel time to avoid wasting much time. Cost is also a very important consideration. But you can reduce it at some golf courses by availing of a club membership. You can also buy multi-round packages. Value also comes into the picture. Do you get out of your round of golf the money you have applied toward it?

Check also if the course is well kept. Make sure that the course you choose has fairways that are neatly mowed many times a week. In additions, trees should be trimmed, greens should be manicured everyday, facilities should be accommodating and clean, and repairs should be continuous.

golf_course-by-regions-2You must also take into consideration the practice facilities the golf course provides. A good course has a driving range to enable you to warm up your golf swing before doing the round. Another plus is manicured practice putting green.

Facilities are also very important. Many golfers look for a snack bar and/or a locker room. A lot of golf courses also have an operational pro shop selling various golf accessories and equipment. Lastly, as a consumer, you must expect to get a quality customer service. Most of golf course staff is trained to deliver efficient and friendly customer service to the guests.