Golf in Winter

Most golf courses in the world today have more clay composition than any other soil denomination. This means that the sport more and more people come to love is somewhat not the same at all periods of the year. So if you are very good in playing golf during summer does not mean you will also do great in the coming winter season. But many players have mastered playing the game in all seasons of the year.

winter-golfOne of the major shortcomings of the beginner and intermediate golfers, who give little or no thought to details, is that they barely consider the question of changing their styles and methods to accommodate themselves to varying climatic conditions.

If you would want to sustain the standard of your overall game throughout the year, you must learn certain shots at the onset of the dry and hot days, which you must set aside when the winter season comes. Therefore, you must have your winter golf methods and summer methods.

Tee shots are the same all over the world. So the tee shot in the United States is also the tee shot in the United Kingdom or South Korea. But on a clayey golf course the second shot in August is usually a proposition completely unlike that which presents itself in the month of November. So in order to do well in winter, you must appreciate and allow for the differences in the run of the golf ball, an elementary matter that speaks for itself.

What a lot of golfers, professionals and beginners alike, do not realize is the need of altering their principles in a number of important respects when the golf course becomes heavy. They often follow the methods that somehow prove highly profitable during the dry season, and arrive at the conclusion that golf during winter is an abomination, bearable only because it is so much better to play golf during this period than playing no golf at all.

However, by considering the altered circumstances, you can possibly achieve a number of good rounds on clammy turf. Remember, the point is not to aim in ordinary ways to obtain the same shots through the green as you would attempt in the dry season.

Choosing your own golf equipment when starting out in the game or improving your skills can be very tricky since there are numerous variations of styles available on the market today, especially if you have very limited budget But you can purchase quality golf sets during winter since most online stores are getting rid of old stock to replace it with the newest equipment for the busy summer season.