One of the major dilemmas of golfers and enthusiasts is that their families see the sport as an addiction that keeps a family member out for many hours every weekend. If you’ve been dreaming of a golf vacation, how can you achieve this without disappointing your family? Well, take heart. There are many family golf resorts out there that give fun times for the family.

family-golf-resortHaving family tee times is increasingly becoming a trend. Golf resorts for families have a variety of holiday packages, with most of them functioning similar to the all-inclusive resorts. They take care of your golfing needs from booking for tee times, transportation to the golf links, to green fees. Some resorts give a 50% off, while others offer free green fees.

Family golf resorts are very kid friendly, providing a number of facilities and activities to keep the kids happy. Look for ones that offer golf clinics for kids – who knows, you just might be nursing a young Tiger Woods. These resorts generally offer free lessons and they get to play on 18-hole championship courses.

Apart from golf, some family resorts also offer activities such as skating, swimming, trapeze, tennis, gaming zones, nature camps, and many other activities. Some also provide nursery, nanny services, or crèche facility.

Here are some stuff that you should consider when choosing a family golf resort: It should have great golf facilities, give a fun outing for the family, and offer a variety of activities and attractions to satisfy the interests of your family, especially the kids. Look also for one that has great spa and dining facilities.

Family golf resorts are becoming more and more popular largely because of the convenience and because it is a nice way to get your kids and spouse involved in your passion. It strengthens the important concept of family togetherness. As they say, a family that plays together stays together.