Best Golf Resorts

For many golfers and enthusiasts all they need is their local golf course to enjoy the sport. Other people may want to explore further to gain experience. Some see the ones featured on TV coverage of tournaments and plan to o there one day. While it is difficult to book tee times on many of these golf courses, you can always choose from a lot of courses. Below are some of the best golf resorts rated by experts.

best-golf-resortOld Course Hotel at St. Andrews (Scotland)

The Old Course’s claim to fame is its being the birthplace of golf; The Dukes, a championship course, is also situated at St. Andrews. Guests at the famous Old Course Hotel can get guaranteed tee times at either the Old Course of The Dukes. It also provides numerous therapeutic features like color therapy (chromatherapy) baths, Japanese steam rooms, and hydrotherapy pools to help you calm yourself before or after the game.

Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba (Brazil)

The Transamerica Ilha de Comandatuba is an island itself, with golfers flying in all the way from Sao Paolo. The trip, however, is definitely worth it since crystalline seas, white sandy beaches, and blue skies provide the stunning setting for your rounds of golf. The golf course is not the only world class attraction here, but also the surrounding waters well known for deep sea fishing with marlins and swordfish swimming in the area.

Pinehurst Resort (North Carolina)

This resort is a very famous American golf resorts. Many championships have been played here since its 1895 opening. Since then eight golf courses have been constructed at the resorts and a wealth of other luxury features like a relaxing spa, 24 tennis courts, and a number of water sports on the lake.

fairmont-chateau-whistlerFairmont Chateau Whistler (British Columbia)

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler itself is located at the foot of the gorgeous ice capped mountains. Streams trickle through the resort and a variety of remarkable birdlife like Ospreys and Golden Eagles circling above. Situated in a mountainous region, the area is ideal for a truly challenging course that includes uneven courses and rocky outcroppings to test even the most experienced golfer.

Four Seasons Resort (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica is one of those holiday destinations that almost has it all: good food, stunning sights, exciting activities, and welcoming people. Golfers will also love this country for its great golf resorts, including the Four Seasons Resort, where the scenic views from the cliff top tees will overwhelm the visitors. But this course is not a walk in the park. The occasional monkey, streams, and deep ravines pose challenges but playing a round of golf is simply breathtaking.