Golf Holidays

golf-holidays-1Golf has become a more popular sport over the years. It was thought to be played only by celebrities and privileged, a place for business people to talk business and seal deals. But golf has evolved and is now a pastime for many groups of people. These days, people of all ages and gender enjoy playing the sport, with golf clubs all throughout America and Europe providing affordable golf schools.

If you and your family or friends enjoy a round of golf, why don’t you take a holiday getaway to either refine your skills or just to have fun competing with your friends? A breakaway doesn’t always mean getting a nice tan on the beach or exploring some exotic destinations. It can also mean striking a golf ball while getting some fresh air. Most golf resorts feature family facilities, allowing you to spend more quality time with your family.

In the past few years, an increasing number of travel companies have been including budget golf holidays in their travel packages. They’ve come to realize the growing demand for customized traveling and introduced destinations such as Ireland, Wales, or the Canary Islands to the attention of golfers and enthusiasts all over the world.

Today, you have a wide range of choices if you want to have a cheap holiday that includes playing rounds of golf. More recently, countries such as Turkey, Scotland, and England have been added to the list of affordable golf holidays. Portugal also has the lovely Balearic Islands and the famous Algarve resort.

You can find some of the most exciting destinations in the coastal regions of Spain. It is in fact your surest bet for budget golf holidays. The most popular destinations for golfers there are the coastal cities of Costa Brava in Catalunya, Granada in Andalusia, and Costa de Sol in Malaga. Specialized travel companies offer unique holiday packages that tourists are sure to love. For one, Costa Brava offers a wide range of golf courses that cater to the need of every golfer.

golf-holidays-2Of course, there are also holiday destinations in the United States and Australia that are popular among budget golfers. Ireland, South Africa, Japan, and South Korea also have some affordable locations worth checking out.

As the number of cheap holiday golf destinations keeps on increasing, serious golfers and travelers are more drawn into these great opportunities. You can now select exactly where to go, not to mention choose specific golf courses. You can even participate in golf competitions if you’re the competitive type.

We suggest you seek the help of a travel agency. It will take on the entire responsibility for you. It will arrange your accommodations, flights, and transfers. All you have to do is pack your bags and golf equipment, and enjoy a holiday that you’ll never forget.