Golf Equipment

Golf equipment covers the many items used to play the sport. Equipment include the ball itself, devices designed to strike the golf ball, items that help in playing a stroke, and those that enrich the playing experience in some way.


The smallest allowable golf ball has a diameter of 42.67 mm. Its mass may not go heavier 45.93 g. Golf balls today have a two-later, three-layer, or four-layer design made from a variety of synthetic materials. Usually the surface has a pattern of 300 to 450 dimples specifically designed to improve the aerodynamics of the ball.


A golfer often carries several clubs (at most 14 according to the rule) during the game. There are three key types of clubs: woods, irons, and putters. The first type is usually played for long shots from the fairway or tee, and sometimes from the rough. The second type is played for precision shots from the rough and fairways. The third type is used on the green, but it can also help when you play for some approach shots or from bunkers.

Clubhead covers

Golfers use clubhead covers to protect their clubs from hitting each other. This equipment also protects the clubs from incidental damage while in the golf bag and also from weather. In addition, it provides a personal touch to a golfer’s clubs and makes them more identifiable.


A golf tee is that object you place on or push into the ground to rest a golf ball on top for an easier shot. This is, however, only allowed for the first stroke of each hole. A traditional tee looks like a nail with a small cup on its head. Golf tees are usually made of plastic or wood.

Ball markers

The golf ball may be picked up to be cleaned when on the green; it may also be picked up if it is in the way of a challenger’s putting line. The position of the ball must then be marked with a ball marker.

Golf bag

When playing, a player usually transports his or her clubs in a nylon or leather golf bag. They are constructed cylindrically around a plastic frame. They have a number of pockets specifically tailored to carry some supplies and equipment needed during a round of golf.


Many golfers use bags that have a ring to which they can clip or tie a towel. Golf towels are used to clean club faces and balls, as well as to wipe hands. Other cleaning products include motorized ball cleaners and a variety of brushes for different types of balls, clubs, and shoes.

Golf cart

Golfers also need golf carts when playing. These motorized vehicles are used to transport the players and their clubs along the course. Traditionally, golfers walk during a round of golf, but using carts is now becoming more and more common.