Forms of Golf Play

Contrary to what many think, golf is really an exciting sport. And like many other sports, it has a number of forms of play, including match play, stroke play, ambrose, foursomes, three ball, four ball, greensome, and bogey/par.

match-playMatch play. It is a competition on a hole-by-hole basis that takes into consideration handicap. The winner is the golfer or the team who wins the most holes in the round. If a golfer leads by more holes than are left to play, then he or she is pronounced the victor at that point

Stroke play. This type of play refers to the number of strokes and the penalty strokes needed to complete the round less any handicap strokes allowed.

foursomeFoursomes. Here, two golfers are up against two other golfers. Each team plays one ball and each player alternatively play shots. Penalty shots do not affect the order of play.

Ambrose. after every player has driven, the best tee-shot is selected and everyone takes his or her second shot from this point, and so on into the hole. Ambrose can by played by teams of four or more or with two-person teams playing against one another.

Bogey/Par. Bogey and Par games are very similar to match play, wherein a player either wins, loses, or halves the hole. The result is marked with a + (nett score better than par) sign for a win, a – (nett score worse or equal to bogey) for a loss, and a 0 for a half (nett score equal to par). The plus and the minus signs are totaled at the end of the round and the nett result read as up, down or all square.

Three ball and four ball. In the three ball play, three golfers play match play against each other. In the four ball play, to golfers are up against two other golfers. The winner is determined by the best score of every combination This play is often played in match play type.Greensome. In this form of golf play, two golfers play against two other golfers. Each one tees off at every hole. Thereafter, however, only one ball from each team shall be played alternately by each golfer on the respective team until completion of the hole.